The clock is ticking, and it’s coming! If you’re still wondering about the context, we are talking about the Medicare open enrollment period and medicare premiums. It’s the time for which every Medicare policyholder waits for the whole year-round. For 2022 Medicare enrollment, the open enrollment period will start at the usual date of October 15th, and it will go on till December 7th. 

It’s a time when you can change your plans and look for better plans. Many Medicare-approved companies launch new programs each year for beneficiaries. Therefore, you have a wide range of options to choose from. You have likely chances of finding a low-cost alternative plan that can reduce your monthly premiums paid. 

With each passing year, there is a projected increase in the premiums of Medicare plans, initiation of new plans, and change of policies. Let’s unravel the possible premium projections for the Medicare year 2022.

What Will Be the Projected Increase in Premiums for Medicare 2022?

You get eligible for Medicare when you turn 65 or when you start receiving the Social Security benefits. However, you won’t stick to one plan forever. It’s likely possible that you might change your plans whenever you get a cheaper alternative. However, you can discover hundreds of plans only during the Medicare open enrollment period. 

Since there are three parts of a typical Medicare, the premium cost rises each year. Let’s see the projected increase in the premium and deductibles for each part of Medicare.

What Is the Projected Increase for Part A Medicare?

Part A Medicare covers the inpatient care for the beneficiaries. Most policyholders don’t pay for Medicare part A because their previous payroll taxes cover it. However, it can be costly for two types of people:

  • It’ll cost approximately $274 per month in 2022 for people who worked in Medicare between 7.5-10 years.
  • People who have a work history of fewer than 7.5 years will pay a projected premium of $499 in 2022. 

The projected deductible for Medicare part A will be around $1556 in 2022, up from $1484. Similarly, the coinsurance payment will be $389 per inpatient day (from day 61-90). For days more than 90, you’ll pay a coinsurance of $778 in 2022 that is an increase of $36. Similarly, the first 20 days of the skilled nursing facility will be free. After that, you’ll pay $194.5 per day till the 100th day.

What Is the Projected Increase for Part B of Premium?

Part B covers outpatient care which covers doctors and related services. For 2021, it was $148.50, and while it’s not decided for 2022, the premium is projected to be around $153.50 per month. This is the basic rate, and it can increase for people who have higher annual incomes. 

For deductibles, you’ll pay $217 for Part B, which is an increase of $14 from 2021. Once you meet the deductible, you’ll pay a coinsurance of 20% of the payment.

What Is the Projected Increase for Part D Medicare?

The average Part D premium for 2022 will be around $38. It can be as low as $7 for 2022, and it can go as high as $100. It typically depends upon the plan you choose, and it also increases with income. The general deductible for 2022 will be $480, which is an increase of $35. After meeting the deductible, you’ll pay 25% of the cost.

Final Comments!

Most of the medicare premiums are rising, but they are not quite significant. It may appear to be adjusted for inflation. Similarly, most people’s wages are also adjusted for inflation, which means it won’t be quite costly. However, there is a general decline in the Part D plans, so you can save some bucks from there. 

Open enrollment is just around the corner. So, discover the choices and make an informed decision. Visit New Medicare to check out some great plans.