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Scott Thompson is an authoritative industry veteran, CEO and Founder of Astoria Company. With his extensive experience spanning decades in the online advertising industry, he is the driving force behind Astoria Company. Under his leadership, Astoria Company has emerged as a distinguished technology advertising firm specializing in domain development, lead generation, and pay-per-call marketing. Thompson is widely regarded as a technology marketing expert and domain investor, with a portfolio comprising over 570 domains.

Enhancing Medicare: The Importance of Spiritual Care for Holistic Wellness

Medicare plays a vital role in providing healthcare services to millions of elderly and disabled individuals in the United States. While it primarily focuses on physical health, there is a growing recognition of the importance of addressing spiritual needs for holistic wellness i.e. medicare and spiritual care. Spiritual care encompasses [...]

Medicare’s Path to Healthy Motherhood: Pregnancy Coverage Explored

Medicare, the federal health insurance program primarily designed for older adults, provides essential coverage for various medical services. However, when it comes to pregnancy and maternity care, many individuals are unsure about the extent of coverage offered by Medicare. Does Medicare cover pregnancy? Explore potential coverage options and eligibility requirements. [...]

Medicaid’s Path to a Healthier Future: Ozempic Coverage Explained

Medicaid, a joint federal and state program, provides health coverage to millions of low-income individuals in the United States. It is crucial to ensure access to affordable healthcare for those who qualify. However, when it comes to specific medications like Ozempic, a prescription drug used to manage type 2 diabetes, [...]

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