Every Medicare beneficiary waits with excitement when the date of the Annual Enrollment period starts to crawl in. It’s the time when they can find a low-cost coverage plan with more services, variety, and care options. However, many companies are launching multiple Medicare programs to target beneficiaries. One disadvantage is that people get confused and are clueless about the right plan. Are you also looking for health insurance plans and providers to help you efficiently meet your healthcare needs? Here we’ll list down some of the affordable providers in town. But before starting, you should have a complete understanding of the Medicare structure.

Without any further delay, let’s solve your mystery. 

Original Medicare vs. Part C

You must be aware that Different authorities regulate original Medicare and Part C Advantage plans. Firstly, Original Medicare is state-provided insurance that the federal government solely provides. It has two mandatory parts: Part A and Part B. Plus, you can also avail of the prescription plan (Part D) at a separate cost. 

In contrast, Part C (Medicare Advantage) plans are a different ballgame. You get complete comprehensive coverage in a Part C plan, including Part A, Part B, and Part D plans. You avail of these services at a premium price per month. Also, private companies provide these Part C plans. Each year, private companies launch a myriad of plans to serve the beneficiaries. 

Since these plans can vary from the provider, no plan can be perfect. But several companies update and launch new plans each year to deliver the absolute right for their customers. Let’s unfold some of the companies which strive to make healthcare accessible for people. 

Medicare Advantage Providers

1. Aetna

Aetna tops the list of finest Part C providers because it has affordable copays and nationwide coverage. Plus, it provides up to 42 Medicare Advantage plans which are quite impressive. Beneficiaries get a wide pool of services and have several other benefits, including dental, vision, hearing, lifestyle, and transportation coverage. 

2. BlueCross BlueShield

BlueCross is another top provider which has impeccable services. It has separate Part D, Medigap supplement, and Medicare Advantage plans. Plus, the premiums are also quite inexpensive and are easily accessible by many people. Also, it has independent centers, which enables this organization to target the entire nation.

3. Cigna

Cigna tops the list in providing global health advantages. With a huge network of doctors from 30 countries and a large workforce, the company can provide nationwide services. Specifically, Cigna sells Medicare plans in 13 states, while dental plans in all the fifty states.

4. Humana

Humana deserves a spot in the well-being industry with a myriad of options for patients with chronic illnesses and take-home services. Plus, the plans of Humana can be less costly, and some beneficiaries might even qualify for a $0 premium. However, it doesn’t cover other services, including dental, vision, and appliances.

Final Verdict

Are you still confined in your search for the perfect health insurance plans? The above-mentioned is not an exhaustive list, but these companies have some of the best Medicare plans. The notable advantage of these companies is that they don’t have a single plan; they have different variants and varieties which cater to different services. 

Therefore, if you have a specific disease or a condition that requires a special medicine or treatment, you can select the plan which provides it for you. To make things easier, NewMedicare can help you find plans that serve your needs. Visit our website to get free quotes.