Recently, our customer care unit facilitated a long-term client in filing an expedited appeal. Within 72 hours, the insurance carrier overturned its early verdict and approved our client’s approval for the care he needed. Any time this occurs, that is the kind of event that makes your day. You supported others through something that might have been stressful to them. Often Medicare bills are rejected, even if you are on a Medicare Advantage plan. Wondering, how to file a medicare appeal? Let’s find it out!

Why David’s Bills Got Denied

Here, our 90-year-old customer (we will call him David) moved into a skilled nursing facility from the clinic. Weakened by a chronic illness, David was not able to do the treatment. The Medicare Advantage carrier declined to pay the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). Their rejection claimed that David “refused” to take treatment.

Medicare does not usually support skilled nursing facility care to clients who may not recover. In an SNF, it will cover up to 100 days, the aim being that the client can then resume regular self-care. Medicare Advantage follows these policies.

It seems like David refused to want to recover, so the carrier had reasons for rejecting the claim. The physical therapist’s statements on which the carrier-based their rejection did not state the whole story.

Our customer support team jumped in when David’s daughter – let us name her Mrs S – called to notify us what happened. We obtained all the details needed to apply. Moreover, we guided Mrs S to receive copies of all her dad’s physical therapy reports. We then asked for copies of the rejection letter of the courier.

What Happened

The family took David to the hospital not long after his injury. Due to a fall, he had fractured his arm and injured his back. Low pressure, low oxygen, and extreme and weakening UTI diagnosed. High-dose antibiotics continued in the hospital until he becomes stabilized. Then they took him to the SNF. 

We wrote a letter of request indicating that our patient was too weak for PT. We mentioned he might be released from the hospital in all likelihood. Mrs S provided the physical therapist’s backup notes indicating David’s turnaround. We sent a preliminary draft letter to Mrs S, who checked it for correctness. She also added her observations and remarks. Moreover, she sent a letter to the carrier’s 72-hour fax line of appeal that we provided her.

Medicare reversed the refusal to provide skilled nursing care, and this earlier-mentioned act spared thousands of dollars. Backup notes of the physical therapist revealed that David had made a turnaround, the family said.

How To File a Medicare Appeal: Timeline, Document, Details, Procedures to File an Appeal

Over the years, we have assisted many consumers in similar conditions. We also figured out that there are several critical steps in submitting a Medicare appeal that will have a chance.

The first step is to draw up a framework. The benefit statement your health provider provides after each medical care can be used. This proof reflects claims by date. It will also illustrate the codes that the company used when Medicare rejected your request. The rejection in this situation was for refusing to engage in the therapy. Therefore, we understood we needed to insist against being valid in his refusal. He did not refuse to cooperate because he was non-compliant or stubborn. He resisted because he could not even physically get up.

The second step is to acquire some backup paperwork from your healthcare providers that will support you. As in this situation, medical records can often help. For instance, get your doctor to write a letter endorsing your treatment. You can use it to claim medical necessity, etc.

In the Medicare letter of appeal itself, you should include all relevant material. Describe the details and dates of service and the doctor’s guidelines that affect your argument. Be respectful so that you can see the concrete evidence you possess. It would be excellent if your letter is based on descriptive and sounds non-emotional but based on facts.

Enrol the Medicare Insurance Agent’s Assistance

If you bought an insurance policy of Medicare from an insurance provider, approach that firm for assist. Not all agencies assist their enrollees with appeals, but some agencies will guide them in quality standards. Remember that even those who do, including our agency, cannot always promise that you can succeed. However, by applying the prescribed guidelines outline, you will give yourself an excellent chance.

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