When discussing Medicare’s coverages, the most asked question is whether Medicare covers hearing aid services. The answer to this question will make many things clear in your mind. The original Medicare does not cover the area of hearing aids. For instance, Part A and Part B do not pay for hearing expenses. On the other hand, in Part C of Medicare, some special services are provided, which the original Medicare does not cover. These services include vision, hearing, and dental services. In-depth, the frequently asked question is, “Does Medicare cover hearing aids?”

Coverage of Hearing Aids in 2020

If we talk about hearing aids in 2020, Medicare Part A and Part B do not give the hearing aids coverage. However, this criteria is going to experience some amendments. The drastic changes will occur due to the government bill, which is still under consideration.

Part B of Medicare and Hearing Services

As Medicare’s policy already states, Medicare part A and Part B cover the necessary treatments necessary for an individual suffering from severe chronic disease or being severely ill. However, both parts of Medicare do not cover extra services like hearing aid assistance or vision aids. But Medicare does provide hearing aid coverage to the examination extent.

One can conduct tests to determine if he suffers from a hearing problem. However, the Medicare policy states in the agreement that the consumer has to pay 20% of the expense of the rest of the tests are the responsibility of Medicare. Also, the individual has to pay the deductible of the policy.

Since the hearing exam is a test that will be prescribed and tested in the outpatient department, so the patient has to cover the co-payment and submit it to the health providers, Medicare Part B also gives coverage to (BAHA). BAHA stands for bone-anchoring hearing aids. Medicare considers BAHA as a prosthetic device and not a hearing aid.

Does Medicare Advantage Provide Coverage for Hearing Aids?

Specifically, Medicare Advantage is Part C of Medicare. It is also known as Medicare Advantage. The leading private companies provide Medicare Advantage’s service to their employees to replace Medicare Part A and Part B.

Some Medicare Advantage plans cover hearing aid assistance and some accommodations such as its maintenance. People who plan to switch to the Medicare Advantage plan should consider the individual plans’ benefits and then choose according to their needs.

What Is the Cost of Hearing Aids?

 The cost of the hearing aid varies. Per the 2015 President’s Council of Advisors on science and technology report, the price of each hearing aid assistance is $2400. Some people suffer from extreme conditions, and they require two hearing aids. This doubles their amount, making it $4800.

Though the hearing aid cost is not affordable for many, hearing aid assistance can resolve your hearing loss issue to a great extent. The device makes a notable change in a person’s life by hearing everything correctly.

To conclude, Medicare Part A and Part B accommodate themselves with the necessary services that are mandatory for an individual in his life. Many people do not know if Medicare covers a hearing test or not. 

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