When people start to age to a limit where they need an extra set of hands to get through basic chores, they decide on opting for assisted living. Often assisted living is confused with nursing, but these two are entirely different things. Senior usually choose assisted living when they have crossed the age of 85. They want an expert to get them through the day instead of depending on someone else. Assisted living has its benefits, but it also has a quite hefty cost. Assisted living becomes a luxury that cannot be afforded by a mass. You will have to pay a large sum to the assisted living communities that put a hole in one’s pocket. So, Does Medicare advantage cover assisted living? Yes and no.

Does Medicare Advantage Cover Assisted Living?

The original Medicare does not offer coverage to long-term care insurance. However, Medicare Advantage has plans that provide coverage for some parts of assisted living. So, Medicare Advantage does not cover the entire cost of assisted living but some part of it. This article will shed light on what expenses of assisted living are covered under Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage offers coverage for assisted living and dental coverage that Original Medicare does not cover. Unlike the original Medicare, Medicare Advantage falls under the private health insurance organizations’ sector. The Medicare Advantage plans might be costly, but they are way better than the amount you’d have to pay to assisted living communities without Medicare coverage. 

How Much Cost Does Medicare Advantage Cover?

Medicare has not been covering assisted living for long as it falls under the long-term care insurance. It is a fact that Medicare does not offer coverage for services that are non-medical related, but this was until 2019. In 2019, the Medicare Advantage plan introduced coverage for in-home services like assisted living. 

Here’s a list of things that the Medicare Advantage plan covers:

1. Food and Nutrition Services

Food service is one of the essential parts of assisted living communities. Assisted living has particular standards setup when it comes to food. Medicare has certain guidelines for assisted living communities that include the food to be rich in nutrients; furthermore, the appearance also matters.

2. Altering the House’s Features

When a person ages, some features of the house might not be suitable for them. Modifying the house according to the senior person’s need is included in the Medicare Advantage coverage program. 

3. Healthcare Centres

Healthcare centres that take care of senior people’s mental, physical, and social lives are also covered under the Medicare Advantage plan. 

4. Personal Care

The cost charged for looking after the meal plans, hygiene, and other similar tasks is a part of the assisted-living lifestyle. The Medicare Advantage plan covers these costs.

5. Transportation Service

Various insurance companies offer transportation for free. Medicare Advantage plan provides coverage for transportation service used while going to the doctor. 

There is a specific limit to the facilities that the Medicare Advantage plan offers for assisted living. Furthermore, Medicare Advantage provides these coverages if the senior is in the house while the assisted living community provides their service. But if the person is not in their own home, then Medicare Advantage will not cover the cost. 

Conclusively, anyone over the age of 65 is eligible for Medicare Advantage. Assisted living is the better choice for adults that have aged past 65. Assisted living does not make them feel like a burden, and the assisted living community takes better care than they would’ve taken at that age.

Although Medicare does not cover the full amount, it does help reduce the stress of the person who is paying. Medicare Advantage plans provide coverage to almost all things that Original Medicare covers. However, if original Medicare offers full coverage for something, then Medicare advantage is not allowed to charge for it. 

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