Alzheimer’s is a severe neurological disease that can destroy an individual’s analytical thinking and memory skills. It is a serious brain disorder, and more than 5 million Americans suffer from it. You must take action to prevent it. Therefore, you must visit your doctor once a year to detect symptoms of the disease early. Specifically, several early signs of Alzheimer’s include memory loss, difficulty in remembering, difficulty solving problems, and increasing confusion in different circumstances. In this article, you’ll learn all about Medicare Alzheimer coverage.

NewMedicare can help you because your Original Medicare can help you detect it with the doctor’s annual Wellness visit. Moreover, if you have Part B medical coverage for more than 12 months, you can take an early wellness visit to the doctor once each year. When you visit your healthcare provider, he/she will carry out a procedure for cognitive assessment of the person that can detect early symptoms of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. 

Medicare Alzheimer Coverage: Determine Whether Medicare Covers Alzheimer’s Disease

Medicare will assist in covering the cost of medical and mental health care for those with Alzheimer’s disease. Such examples could be: Hospitalization, follow-up appointments, and any other necessary medical supplies.

This comprises diagnosis and treatment services:


Medicare will contribute toward the cost of a doctor’s visit, physical, and a battery of diagnostic tests necessary to confirm a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scans for Alzheimer’s disease are not routinely covered by Medicare. Brain positron emission tomography (PET) scans can detect Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages.


Medicare will now cover the cost of medical care for treating and managing Alzheimer’s disease. Your primary care physician should consider referring you to a specialist. Medicare also covers medical supervision of home health or hospice care.

Services for mental health

Alzheimer’s patients may occasionally have psychological needs. Medicare covers therapy with a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, or social worker as part of the program’s mental health benefits. Medicare will cover up to 80% of the approved cost for mental health services. Explore your options for mental health insurance.

Medical social services

The social and emotional burdens of Alzheimer’s can be eased with the help of a social worker who can visit you at home and provide guidance and support. Your medical practitioner is required to prescribe these treatments for you.

Medical supplies

If you need specific pieces of medical equipment to remain in the comfort of your own home, your doctor may write out an order for such items. Such aids may include a wheelchair, walker, or even oxygen supplies.

Prescription medication

Medigap policies for Medicare recipients must cover certain Alzheimer’s disease medications. Every policy must include coverage for at least two medications that either (a) increase levels of brain chemicals that promote memory and judgment (cholinesterase inhibitors) or (b) improve memory, attention, reason, and language (memantine).

Examine the prescription medications that Medicare Part D will cover. Find out about your options for drug coverage.

How to Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s?

Your health should be your utmost priority. There are several healthy habits that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to slow and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. 

  • First, it would be best if you eat a nutritious diet.
  • Second, you should be physically active and engage in sports or anything that keeps you fit.
  • Third, you need to improve your social connection and engagement. 
  • Fourth, you can also challenge yourself with activities involving your mental capabilities, such as solving riddles and puzzles.