There might be questions in your mind about the authenticity and satisfaction rate of Medicare. According to statistics and surveys, Medicare was able to satisfy most Americans, and around 90% of Americans were happy with the quality of care they received from Medicare. You should be careful when choosing your Medicare plan because it may differ from your employer’s health plan. Fortunately, there are several benefits you can have with Medicare plans which might not have been available in your previous plans. NewMedicare will tell you the top 5 reasons to choose medicare, which are as follows.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Medicare

Medicare Premiums Are Low

Medicare premiums are indeed lower than private insurance plans. Most people have to pay nothing for the Part A plan and only pay for the Part B premium. Moreover, the Part B premium is low, around $135.5. In contrast, the premium for private insurance companies is around $403 for a healthy individual. A lesser-known fact is that Medicare premiums rise slowly as compared to private insurance companies. According to statistics, private insurance premiums rose by 123%, while Part B premiums rose by about 25%. Furthermore, the Part D Medicare plan’s cost is also low, helping you save costs. 

Medicare Offers Extra Help

Medicare seems to be a necessity for most older adults. Therefore, the government has created new programs to make healthcare more affordable for individuals with limited wealth. Several state or federal Medicare programs can help you pay deductibles, premiums, and other related payments. Part D drug programs also offer income-based assistance that can reduce medical costs. You can cover all your health needs by enrolling in a special Medicare Advantage plan. However, you should have Medicare and Medicaid to enroll in a special Medicare Advantage Plan. 

Medicare Offers Choices

You have fewer options when you have your employer’s health coverage because you have to avail what the company offers. On the contrary, Medicare offers a lot of choices. Individuals with Medicare Advantage plans can choose from 21 different programs. In simpler terms, Medicare gives you the liberty to choose plans according to your needs. It eliminates the fact that you got stuck with the plan that someone else considers best for you. Also, you don’t have to be stuck to a particular plan for years. It is because you can change your coverage each year during the Annual Election Period. Besides, Medicare Advantage Plan can offer you another chance to change your plan at the beginning of the year. 

You Know Your Costs

There might be uncertainty regarding Original Medicare costs because you don’t know your out-of-pocket costs, including deductibles, premiums, etc. On the contrary, you must pay first-dollar coverage if you purchase a Medigap plan. Therefore, you have to pay nothing for medical care. However, a slight change in 2020 eliminated Part C and Part F, paying for Part B deductible. However, you can keep them if you purchase a policy before the new year. Fortunately, part G can give you the necessary coverage, except for the Part B deductibles. 

Medicare Advantage Plan can also help you to control your healthcare costs. There is only one deductible for these plans, using copayment. Moreover, the governments set a maximum out-of-pocket payment for these plans. However, the plan makers usually set their amount below the government limits. Consequently, regardless of your health services, you won’t have to pay more than the plan’s maximum each year. 

Benefits of Medicare for Safety at Home

Medicare can provide you with a lot of benefits for preventive care. Consistently, the programs make changes to the coverage according to their users’ reviews. Therefore, the programs that can help you meet your healthcare needs are updated. Medicare and Medicaid have changed their Medicare Advantage plans that benefit older adults at home. These benefits focus on convenience and include access to telehealth services, home delivery for supplies, home care services, and even health equipment discounts.