Usually, no one ever plans to stay in a hospital for several months in a row. But still, we should prepare ourselves for the worst-case scenario. To tackle any such problems, you must be aware of the rules & regulations of your Medicare Plan. When you use up your 90 days in the hospital, your Medicare cost changes. In addition, you also start expanding your lifetime reserve days (an additional 60 days).

Lifetime Reserve Days

Lifetime reserve days? You may wonder. It’s a self-explanatory term, which appears when discussing the Medicare Plan. Read till the very end to master lifetime reserve days and learn about its expenses. 

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A beneficiary runs out of the inpatient hospital care given by the Medicare plan on crossing a 90-day mark. However, Medicare Part A covers the expenses of such additional 60 days, called lifetime reserve days. You can use your lifetime reserve days only once throughout your lifetime.

Stays in the following facilities are a part of inpatient hospital care provided through Medicare plan:

  • Acute care hospital
  • Inpatient psychiatric hospitals 
  • Long-term care hospitals
  • Critical care hospitals 

You can receive inpatient treatment for a short-term illness in an acute care hospital. Medicare Part A covers your stay for days. 

Inpatient psychiatric hospitals provide treatment in a residential-like setting. Medicare Part A pays for your stay in a psychiatric hospital for up to 190 days of service. 

Medicare also makes sure to provide coverage for your 100 days stay in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). It is how Medicare aids for your long-term care

Medicare Plan covers most of your expenses at critical access hospitals

Medicare deals with other types of inpatient care as well. Go over the details of your plan carefully. However, you can also contact our counselors. They will make sure everything goes right during your hospitalization period. We want our customers to be prepared and stay informed about any extra expenses they pay.

Do I Have to Pay While Using a Lifetime Reserve Day?

While using a lifetime reserve day, Medicare pays all the already covered costs. But except for the daily coinsurance fee. Your lifetime reserve day’s charges categorize in the following way: 

  • The expense you cover: $742 per day for coinsurance
  • The expense Medicare covers: all extra covered costs of each day 

Your hospital charges are only a little higher than your coinsurance fee. Therefore, it is beneficial to save up your lifetime reserve days for other alarming situations. You have the right to submit a hand-written application to the hospital of your stay. And the hospital must respect any of your choices. 

One thing should be clear. The rules & regulations and the costs outlined here are only applicable to the Original Medicare. It includes Part A and Part B only. However, by purchasing additional coverage, you can decrease your expenses. Medicare Advantage Plan and Medicare Supplement are the most viable plans. 

In addition, you can also learn more about Medicare costs on our blog!

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