Did you know that taking care of your teeth is important for your health, no matter how old you are? Maintaining good oral hygiene improves every aspect of daily living, from socializing with others to digesting food. Unfortunately, free dental care for older adults, is a serious problem upon retirement, especially if they’ve lost coverage via their former workplace. Find out where you may get low-cost or free dental care for older adults near me and what questions to ask when selecting a provider.

Issues with our Teeth as we Get Older

Cavities can affect people of all ages, but seniors face unique dental issues, including:

  • Greater chance of getting tooth decay around aging teeth.
  • If the gum tissue has receded, the tooth root is at a greater risk of decay.
  • Plaque builds up more and faster.
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene daily can be challenging for people with limited movement, dexterity, or vision.
  • It can be harder to get dental care if you have health problems or bad habits that get in the way.
  • Access to dental care can be more difficult if you have medical or behavioral issues that create barriers.
  • It can be harder to get dental care if you have health problems or bad habits that get in the way.

Dos and don’ts for older adults’ teeth

  • Have routine checkups
  • Maintain healthy gums
  • Avoid oral dryness
  • Dentures also require checkups.

Dental Hygiene for older adults

  • Follow your dentist’s recommendations about how often you should brush, how widely apart the bristles on your toothbrush should be, and whether or not you should use mouthwash.
  • Consider purchasing an angled toothbrush if you have trouble reaching the back of your mouth.
  • Tooth sensitivity, teeth grinding, pain, mouth ulcers, blisters, swelling, loose teeth, snapping or clicking jaw, difficulty swallowing, eating, or quenching thirst are warning signs (dry mouth syndrome).
  • Visit your dentist as often as they tell you to.
  • Maintain dental prosthetics, including dentures and dental bridges, properly.
  • It’s a good idea to see the dentist before and after surgery.
  • Make sure your dentist knows about any new or current medications.
  • Brushing and flossing can be challenging for some people. If this is the case, you can either ask for help, use tongue depressors or another tool to make the toothbrush handle longer, or both. Gauze or a soft washcloth can wipe away food particles from your teeth, and remember to rinse your mouth out often. Put this into practice until you get back to regularly brushing your teeth. If arthritis or another medical condition prevents you from using your hands as free as you’d like, try placing the handle of a toothbrush inside a regular tennis ball. Your dentist may suggest new advances that make good dental hygiene easy and convenient.

Get Free Dental Care for Older Adults With NewMedicare

The majority of Americans over 65 are retired and must make do with a fixed income. When someone suddenly needs dental work, they may decide between buying food and paying rent. As an older adult citizen, you should know that there are resources available to reduce the financial burden of dental care. Neither free dental clinics nor the programs prepared to pay for them are easy to find. NewMedicare can assist you in locating dental clinics that provide free dental care for older adults near you.

Low-Cost or Free Dental Care for Low-Income Older Adults

older adults who need affordable or free dental treatment can find clinics in their community or nearby. The following organizations provide low-cost dental services.

  • Dental Lifeline Network 
  • Independent Community Health Centers
  • Dental School Clinics
  • PACE -Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

These are various initiatives across the country that offer discounts to senior citizens.

Medicare plans for dental coverage

Medicare Advantage plans or stand-alone dental insurance are good options for those concerned about their oral health and the safety of their teeth.

Option 1. Medicare Advantage dental plans

Medicare Advantage dental coverage varies. In some plans, dental care costs extra. You could also select between basic and premium dental care.

Look for low-cost or free preventive care. Check the plan’s cost-sharing percentage and yearly cap if you need expensive procedures.

AARP/UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, and Highmark have the top Medicare Advantage dental plans.

Aetna offers the cheapest Medicare Advantage monthly fees. The company reimburses customers for in-network dental coverage and offers extended features for a monthly fee. This can help you control costs if you need extensive dental work next year.

Choosing dental coverage while signing up for a new Medicare Advantage plan. Talk to your Medicare Advantage provider about dental coverage alternatives. If there’s no add-on coverage, you may be able to enroll in a stand-alone policy.

Option 2: Dental plan for older adults that stands alone

Some health insurers offer older adults dental policies. These add-on plans provide dental coverage if you have Original Medicare or a Medicare Supplement.

Compare coverage and plan details when choosing a plan because access and restrictions vary widely. Each plan covers preventative dental care, basic procedures, and major services. Moreover, most plans have a network of providers, so check it to find your dentist.

DentaQuest, Aetna, and Humana have the finest senior dental plans.

Compare plans based on the waiting duration; some may not cover major services for months. Most Humana plans include no waiting time for significant dental services like root canals, crowns, and dentures.

Dental discount programs are a popular alternative to dental insurance. These dental network programs may not be ideal for everyone, but we propose them as one of the five ways to obtain affordable dental cleaning without insurance.


Is there free dental care for older adults?

You may be eligible for dental care at a discounted rate or no cost as an older adult. There may be a set of requirements that you must fulfill before applying. You should make this data accessible, as not all dental offices or programs will request it.

Should older adults Buy Dental Insurance?

Dental coverage is essential, especially for older adults. Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover dental care for beneficiaries over the age of 65, and neither do Medigap policies. People of retirement age need to look elsewhere for dental protection.

Is there free dental care for older adults over 65?

You may qualify for free dental care through Dental Lifeline if you are 65 or older, have a disability, or have a serious medical condition. The American Dental Association runs a program that provides low-cost or free dental care to certain populations, including those over 65. If you want more information on the Dental Lifeline Network in your state, you can utilize this handy tool on their website.

Can you get free dental care in the USA?

Without dental insurance, receiving dental care in the United States can put a serious hole in your bank account. For individuals in dire straits, the good news is that several organizations (both for-profit and not) provide access to free dental care (both preventative and emergency) through clinics and the services of volunteer dentists.

Does Medi-Cal cover dental for older adults?

The following dental care services are available to older adults at no cost or at a reduced cost under the Medical Dental Program. Dental checkups (every 12 months), X-rays Scaling and polishing your teeth (every 12 months). We’ll be doing some root planning and scaling.

Does Medicaid cover dental?

When it comes to Medicaid recipients under the age of 21, dental care is essential to the (EPSDT) Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) benefit.

Bottom Line

Finding free dental care can be challenging, but it is possible. You can look into several options for free dental care for older adults in 2022. Everyone should prioritize their dental health, even though it might be difficult to access care.

Reach out Today at NewMedicare and get free dental care quotes for older adults.