Pneumonia is an infection that inflames airbags in either or both of the lungs. Liquid or pus (purulent material) can fill the air sacs, leading to coughing with phlegm or pus, fever, shivers, and trouble ventilation. Moreover, Pneumococcal causing bacteria can spread from person-to-person contact. The seriousness can often get life-threatening. An appropriate vaccine can prevent Pneumonia. Every year over 1 million Americans visit hospitals regarding this disease. However, studies show that only 67% of adults (who are 65 or more) have ever received it! So, Does Medicare cover pneumonia vaccine? Let’s find out!

You are automatically eligible for the pneumonia vaccine if you are enrolled in the Original Medicare (Part A & Part B) or Part C plan. Also, pneumonia vaccines are available in two forms, you and your doctor will determine if you need either or both vaccines.

How much do the pneumonia vaccines cost?

With no deductibles or coinsurance to worry about, Medicare Part B will pay for your pneumococcal immunizations. Before making an appointment, you should confirm that your doctor would accept Medicare as payment in full.

In 2020, a Medicare Part B premium will be $144.60 per month, and the deductible will be $198.

The Medicare Advantage plans provided by commercial insurance firms are varied. There are varying prices for each option. Review the benefits and costs of each plan with your budget and needs in mind to determine the best choice for your scenario.

Higher Risk at Getting Affected

NewMedicare can provide you with the vaccine as two pneumococcal shots. Here are a few reasons why we think this disease may affect you:

  • First, You are in the mid-’60s or older.
  • Second, You are already a patient of any chronic illness (involves asthma, diabetes, disease of heart, lung, kidney, or liver)
  • Third, You have a weak immune system (you are an AIDS, HIV, or cancer patient)
  • Third, In close contact with a hospital or clinic, where different patients get treatments regularly
  • Fourth, You are a tobacco smoker.
  • Fifth, You have cochlear implants or CSF leakage.

Patients must receive their recommended vaccines for these diseases during this “COVID-19 time” more than it ever was.

Then, why make Pneumonia harsh for yourself? Get your shots today at NewMedicare.