A person with ESRD needs dialysis or a kidney transplant because they have suffered irreparable renal damage. Persons of any age who suffer from ESRD are eligible for Medicare coverage. Medicare and end stage renal disease not only offers a variety of treatments for renal failure but also provides the standard Medicare benefits available to those who do not have kidney disease.

When Applying for Medicare With End-Stage Renal Disease

Affiliation with End-Stage Renal Disease Various types of Medicare eligibility, such as those based on age or disability, have different rules and procedures. When a patient begins inpatient or outpatient dialysis, the insurance coverage will begin on the first day of the fourth month of therapy. When someone is admitted to the hospital for dialysis at home or a kidney transplant surgery, it will determine whether they are covered. Individuals diagnosed with ESRD can enroll in Medicare by contacting the Social Security website or a local Social Security office.

Medicare and End Stage Renal Disease

With Open Enrollment approaching, it is vital to recognize your Medicare coverage alternatives, particularly if you wish to change your plan. Beginning with this Open Enrollment, if you have ESRD, you can register in a Medicare Advantage Package through Open Enrollment.

You will need to use health care experts who engage in the plan’s network and service area in some instances. Before you sign up, you may want to confirm with your suppliers to make sure the suppliers you are considering currently (such as a dialysis facility or a kidney specialist) or want to see in the future (such as a transplant specialist) are on the network.

Please keep in mind that you can obtain your Medicare benefits through Original Medicare or via a Medicare Advantage Package.

Medicare covers Section A of Medicare (Hospital Insurance) and Part B of Medicare (Medical Insurance). Moreover, You can purchase extra coverage from a private lender to pay the luggage expenses. You can add a separate Medicare drug plan if you want drug coverage (Part D).

An all-in-one solution to Original Medicare is the Medicare Advantage Package. Such “bundled” plans include Part A, Part B, and typically, Part D. Mostly plans provide additional services such as vision, speaking, dental treatment, and more. Find out more coverage in Medicare Advantage Packages.