Medicare, the government health insurance program of the United States, offers coverage to more than one million Medicare-eligible Ohioans. Medicare eligibility requirements are age 65 or older or a significant handicap. Read on to learn about the affordable Medicare plans in Ohio, when and how to enroll, and the next steps to take.

Consider that you or a family member have received at least 24 disability payments from Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB). Consequently, you may qualify for disability benefits. Patients with ALS or ESRD are also eligible to join a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Part A is often provided without a premium, but in 2022, the cost to enroll in the program may reach $499 monthly. $170.10 is the regular monthly premium for Medicare Part B. However, higher-income individuals may pay more. In addition to traditional Medicare, 122 Medicare Advantage Plans are also available to state residents.

Medicare in Ohio: Details

Medicare coverage changes in Ohio for the 2022 fiscal year, as published by the CMS:

  • There were 2,399,754 Medicare recipients in the state of Ohio.
  • The typical monthly premium for Medicare Advantage in Ohio dropped from $20.18 in 2021 to $18.75 in 2022.
  • For 2022, Ohio residents can choose from a total of 202 Medicare Advantage plans, the same as the number of available plans for the previous year.
  • Medicare recipients living in Ohio may enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, and some of these plans have zero-dollar monthly premiums.
  • In 2022, Ohio will provide an increased selection of 31 separate Medicare Part D plans, up from 30 in 2021.
  • Any individual in Ohio enrolled in a stand-alone Part D coverage can enroll in a plan with a lower monthly premium beginning in 2022.
  • In 2022, twelve distinct Medigap plans will be available throughout Ohio.

Medicare Plans in Ohio 2022

Medicare recipients at least 65 and are legal U.S. residents or citizens in Ohio can choose from a few different plans. You qualify if you’re under 65 and on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) because of a long-term disability (24 months or more).

Let’s have a look at Medicare Plans in Ohio 2022:

Original Medicare: Part A & B make up the coverage (medical insurance). Part A covers hospital, home health, hospice, and nursing home care. In-and-out-of-hospital treatment, urgent attention, diagnostic and preventative lab tests, medications, and medical equipment are all paid for under Part B. A doctor or nurse can only give some prescriptions at a clinic or other medical institution, and this type of insurance can help cover those costs.

Medicare Advantage: Some medications that cannot be taken at home may also be covered. Medicare Advantage (Part C or M.A.) is a commercial insurance company-offered alternative to traditional Medicare. In addition to covering your prescriptions, some plans may also pay for your gym membership, dental treatment, vision care, hearing aids, and even transportation to and from your doctor’s visits.

Medigap: Medigap plans, often known as Medicare Supplement plans, are standardized insurance policies offered by private insurance firms to people who already have Medicare. These plans aim to fill in the financial gaps left by Original Medicare.

Part D Plan: Medicare Part D is supplemental coverage for prescription drugs that can be added to Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage. Private insurance companies provide these plans, but Medicare oversees them all.

Medicare Part D Plans in Ohio

Two Medicare Part D plans are available in Ohio, the same as everywhere else in the United States:

  • Separate prescription drug coverage under Medicare Part D
  • Prescription drug coverage through Medicare Part C (MA-PD)

Combining Original Medicare with a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan that does not cover prescription drugs is possible. Although all Advantage plans must provide the same benefits as Original Medicare, extra coverage options do differ.

Look for the MA-PD designation when comparing Advantage plans that offer prescription medication coverage in Ohio Part D.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Ohio 2022

Medicare Advantage (Part C) programs for 2022 are an alternative to traditional Medicare. Private companies provide them and must pay for everything that Parts A and B of Medicare do. Drug coverage under Part D is standard in most policies.

Dental, eye, and hearing care are just some of the extras that are typically covered by Medicare Advantage plans.

You can choose from many affordable Medicare Advantage plans in Ohio in 2022. The following companies will offer Medicare Advantage plans in Ohio in 2022:

  • CareSource
  • Medical Mutual of Ohio
  • Aetna Medicare
  • Humana
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Lasso Healthcare
  • Cigna
  • WellCare by Allwell
  • MediGold

These companies’ programs cover many Ohio counties. Medicare Advantage plan availability varies by county; to see what options are available in your area, you’ll need to enter your ZIP code.

Medicare Advantage PPO and HMO Plans in Ohio

Health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and preferred provider organizations (PPOs) are the two types of Medicare Advantage plans in Ohio. We work closely with our extensive group of affiliated medical professionals to maintain our industry-leading network of clinics and hospitals while simultaneously reducing healthcare expenses.

What are the top rated Medicare Advantage plans in Ohio?

PrimeTime Health Plan and UPMC have the highest rated Medicare Advantage plans in Ohio, with five stars. However, not all areas can sign up for their plans. Anthem MediBlue Preferred HMO is a popular choice that will not cost you anything each month and has a rating of 4.0 stars if you do not have access to other insurance.

Medicare Supplements Plans in Ohio 2022

Medicare Supplement plans in Ohio for 2022 are a popular complement to Original Medicare. All the standard alphabetized plans are included, and multiple major insurance providers are offering coverage in the state. The government regulates these policies to maintain parity in coverage amongst insurance companies.

It is important to learn about the different policy options available in Ohio before making a final decision. Here, we’ll go over the affordable Medicare Supplement plans available in Ohio that won’t break the bank and how to choose the correct one for your specific situation.

Right Medicare Supplement Plans in Ohio

Medicare Supplement Plans N, G, or F are the right choices for residents of Ohio. Each plan is uniform across the country in its coverage and convenience for patients selecting their healthcare providers and facilities.

Evaluating your demands and the coverage provided by each plan is important before settling on the finest option. Medigap Plan F or G may be preferable for someone who sees a doctor frequently, whereas Medigap Plan N may be preferable for someone who sees a doctor only sometimes.

The finest strategy for one person may not be good for another. Your insurance plan’s coverage must satisfactorily address your concerns.

Can Ohio residents under 65 obtain a Medigap policy?

No law in Ohio says insurance companies have to offer medicare supplement plans for disabled under 65 in Ohio. We recommend waiting until age 65 to purchase Medigap coverage because of the higher costs associated with doing so before that age.

Also, if you’re under 65, your Medigap selections will be limited to the least comprehensive policies offered by the fewest insurance companies. On the other hand, Medicare Advantage plans may be more cost-effective than Original Medicare (Parts A and B) when taken together.

In addition, certain Special Needs Plans are designed for people who have very specific disabilities.  Depending on your region and eligibility for a Special Enrollment Period, you can enroll at any time.

What is the cost of Medicare in Ohio?

  • Original Medicare: The monthly premiums for Part A can be anywhere from $0 to $499. Medicare Part A’s hospital deductible for each benefit period amounts to $1,556. The monthly premium for Medicare Part B is currently set at $170.10. Part B has a $233 deductible.
  • Medicare Advantage Plan: In 2022, the average premium for an Ohio Medicare Advantage Plan will be $18.75 per month. In the case of some policies, the initial premium is nil.
  • Part D Plans: The starting monthly premium for a Medicare Part D plan is $7.10.
  • Medigap plans: A 65-year-old Columbus-area female who does not smoke will pay between $95 and $370 for Plan G.

Medicare in Ohio: By Numbers

Original Medicare beneficiaries Average plan cost Ohio’s annual spending on each recipient Spending per recipient compared to the average for the country
1,371,229 Part A: $0 to $499 per month*


Part B: $170.10 **

$10,269 2% more

Bottom Line

To sum up, roughly 2.4 million people in Ohio were registered in Medicare in the year 2021. In Ohio, several commercial insurance firms offer Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans. In 2022, Ohio’s Medicare Advantage and Part D premiums have fallen. There are various Medigap plan alternatives if you live in Ohio and seek supplemental coverage.

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