Healthcare insurance has taken a twist in recent times when it comes to health care coverage and related expenses. And this has applied not just to Medicare plans in Missouri but even all around the world.

Not only does health insurance increase the accessibility of affordable health care in Missouri, but it has also evolved in a way that now suits the needs and peculiarities of different individuals separately.

With this recent development, different plans have been made available for different categories of individuals.

Now, you can choose to grade these plans by hierarchy, saying which is better in terms of the scope of coverage offered.

But then, it is more technical than just that. That’s because the idea of the suitability of the medical insurance plan as well as the factor of individual differences come into play.

And so, you can see that a person with bigger medical needs would require a bigger coverage plan, and someone else with not-so-demanding healthcare needs will require lesser coverage.

Factors like the affordability of the coverage plan also come into play. The wealthy in Missouri can pay for their health insurance without any glitches.

But the unemployed and low-income earners may still struggle to foot the bill. To that effect, the state of Missouri offers plan subsidies for those who cannot afford it.

All these factors are the reasons why there are varying requirements and eligibility for various plans, and even though you’re very financially buoyant, you might still not even qualify for some plans.

For instance, we have Medicare plans in Missouri. As of 2022, a rough estimation of about 1.2 million people out of a Missouri population of about 6.3 million were people said to be enrolled under the Medicare health insurance plan in Missouri.

This medical insurance plan is different from regular healthcare insurance plans in terms of affordability and accessibility. And that’s mainly because the Missouri government specifically allowed this plan due to its subsidized insurance rates to enhance accessibility for the less privileged, financially unequipped, disabled, and elderly individuals with certain difficulties.

Medicare plans are known for their vast coverage. However, Medicare would only pay for health expenses that are deemed necessary and the plans offered by Medicare might not cover certain aspects of your healthcare expenses.

Nevertheless, that’s not much of an issue as several Medicare options in Missouri could help increase your Medicare coverage or give you a better price subsidy.

However, Medicare plans have their requirements that must be met before one is deemed eligible for a plan. This means that before you can get a health plan in Missouri under Medicare you must meet some of the following requirements:

  • Medicare was enacted to ensure that American citizens or permanent residents have better healthcare so as of 2022, you must first be a US citizen or permanent resident to consider Medicare insurance plans.
  • Since the plan is aimed at helping the frail, the applying citizen must have a disability of any kind or be 65 years of age or older to qualify for a Medicare plan in Missouri.

As for the aspect of disability, the disabled must have Social Disability Insurance (SSDI) for at least a year to qualify.

  • Also, individuals with certain chronic diseases like End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) or Lou Gehrig’s disease can qualify from a very young age.

Looking for a Missouri Medicare plan in 2022 has been made very easy and there are a lot of health insurance companies with suitable plans.

Notwithstanding, you should do your research on the right plan for you. For instance, the Medicare Part D plan in Missouri 2022 is mostly suitable for individuals that intend to cover their self-administered prescribed drugs expenses.

This plan helps the Part D plan beneficiaries to cover a certain portion of their drug expenses by paying a fee called “cost-sharing”.

Consider factors such as these when trying to get the right Medicare insurance plan for yourself to come up with the right possible plan.

Usually, the first thing to do is to check if you’re eligible. And if you are, you check your priorities list and choose a plan that ticks most of the boxes. And that, my friend, is the right medical insurance plan for you!

Right Medicare Supplement Plans In Missouri

Original Medicare plans are not often as effective as we require them to be, and most times the plan does little to cater to certain health conditions especially when the health cost of the plan comes into play.

For instance, the Missouri Original Medicare plan will not offer dental coverage, nor will it offer certain coverage for sight-related issues.

Also sometimes, even with health insurance coverage we still have to pay deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses that are quite expensive. This is why the Medicare Supplement plans in Missouri, or Medigap, were designed.

Medigap is a private health insurance-sponsored plan designed to offer health coverage for expenses that are not covered by the Original Medicare. This coverage most times extends to payment of deductibles, dental treatments, and the like.

As of 2022, Medigap plans available in Missouri are split into 10 different categories that are designated by alphabets A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N. However plans C and F are only eligible to individuals who are new beneficiaries of the Medicare plan.

Medigap plans are very efficient and they help Missouri residents to utilize the benefits of a Medicare plan very well.

This Medicare Supplement plan is most efficient for individuals with high medical expenses or a rough prognosis that might require frequent hospital visits, expensive drug prescriptions, and intense medical care, especially if the person will be unable to fully afford it.

However, it is advisable to not go for a Medicare Supplement plan if you cannot afford the monthly premiums. And that’s because although there are extra benefits and better coverage, you still have to pay monthly for these benefits which nonetheless happen to be very worth it.

On average, you’d spend about $290 to $4,000 monthly on Medigap in Missouri depending on your specific plan.

As an extra tip, you could check for household supplements and discounts for non-smokers when you are about to get a Medicare Supplement plan. This would not totally take away the expenses on premiums but it’d help reduce the cost and it might just be right for you.

Hence, before you get Medicare Supplement plans in Missouri, check for the tiny details, the affordability, the discounts, and your eligibility, if you’re able to come up with a plan that fills the whole criteria for you and you’re eligible, then it’d most likely be the right Medicare Supplement plan in Missouri for you.

Top Medicare Advantage PPO Plans In Missouri

Similar to the Medigap plan, the medicare Advantage plan helps to provide an alternative route to the Original Medicare plan whilst still being a beneficiary of the original medicare plan.

The Medicare Advantage plan in Missouri, also called Medicare Part C, is aimed at providing health insurance coverage for those aspects of healthcare that were overlooked by the Original Medicare plan.

Similar to the Medicare Part D plan in Missouri, this plan helps to increase the flexibility of Medicare plans. For instance, with Medicare Advantage, you can get health insurance coverage for dental care, sight-related issues, and other aspects of healthcare that the Original Medicare healthcare plan doesn’t cover.

Medicare Advantage plans may not be available in every location due to the sparse availability of Medicare Advantage networks. It is this network of medical professionals that helps disperse health coverage to beneficiaries in Missouri.

The Medicare Advantage plans available in Missouri are therefore based on the ZIP code of the area. You should also note that Medicare Advantage plans also require deductibles, copayments, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

However, they offer the lowest monthly premiums which can be as low as $0 for a start. As of 2022, the average monthly premium for a Medicare Advantage plan in Missouri is $9.

The best Medicare Advantage plans in Missouri are of different categories. None is better than the other but the suitability differs per individual based on their specific requirements, priorities, and eligibility.

Below are some of the available Medicare Advantage plans;

  • Preferred provider organization (PPO) Plans:

One of the Medicare Advantage plans available in Missouri is the PPO plan. With this plan, there is a network of professional health service providers and physicians that are tasked with providing healthcare coverage at a very discounted amount.

Using health service providers outside the network will attract more expenses even though the PPO coverage will still be efficient. This is because the discount is greater within the network than it is outside.

Services like drug prescriptions and basic health checkups are delivered by the PPO plan. Also, to see a specialist, you do not need referrals from a primary care doctor.

  • Health maintenance organization (HMO) Plans:

Unlike the PPO plans, the HMO plans in Missouri only offer Medicare Advantage coverage within the health insurance network although an exception could be made in times of emergencies.

Moreso, before you can see a specialist, you’d need a referral from a primary healthcare physician.

  • Private fee-for-service (PFFS) Plans:

In Missouri, the PFFS plans are one of the most flexible Medicare Advantage plans mostly because their coverage extends to all Medicare-approved health insurance providers.

So technically, that would mean that you don’t necessarily have to receive healthcare services within a particular network.

However, some PFFS plans have recently started the use of networks to provide insurance coverages. Moreso, drug prescriptions are not mostly covered and referrals are not needed for specialist visits.

  • Special needs plans (SNPs):

Another Medicare Advantage plan in Missouri is the SNP. This plan is basically for individuals with certain disabilities who need special medical attention mostly due to having an underlying specific disease that requires specific health services.

The SNP plan helps to create a space where these individuals access their specific health needs under Medicare. Usually, with this plan, you can only receive health services within the network.

Prescriptions of drugs as well as other healthcare services are available within the special needs plans. Also, referrals by a primary care physician are needed to see a specialist within or out of the network.


Many people ask questions like “What is the best Medicare Advantage plan for me?” The truth is, no hierarchy distinguishes plans in terms of efficiency.

If that were to be, then some plans would be utterly useless or unfit. However, this is not the case as every plan is important and efficient.

We can say this because each plan is unique in its way and it suits a particular health insurance peculiarity. And that’s why it is often advised that you do your research, check or make a list of priorities and then make your choices on the best possible plan for yourself based on that priorities list.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best Medicare Advantage plans in Missouri?

Medicare Advantage healthcare insurance offers various types of plans for your medical coverage and each for different aspects.

So to get the best Medicare Advantage plans in Missouri, you need to consider your options and find out which of the plans are most relevant to you.

There are very good Medicare Advantage plans that are best for Health Maintenance Organisations‘ plan coverage. Some other Medicare Advantage plans are best for low-budget or low-income earners.

There are yet some that are best in offering minimal out-of-pocket costs as you have with the Blue Shield or Anthem Blue Cross Medicare plans.

  • Which health insurance companies do I get Medicare plans from?

Just like you have different Medicare health insurance plans to choose from, you also have various health insurance companies that offer these plans.

To a large extent, the efficiency of your Medicare coverage plan depends on the quality of the company offering the coverage so you need to get the best of the health insurance companies.

Consider the insurance companies that offer services best remotely in your region though so that you remain in network coverage and healthcare is still accessible in proximity.

Some of the companies providing the best Medicare plans in Missouri include Unitedhealthcare, Anthem Blue Cross, Humana, Blue Shield, Aetna Medicare, and a few many others.

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