Medicare, a federal program, partially covers medical costs for older adults and disabled younger Americans. About 2.1 million Michiganders rely on Medicare for their health insurance. If you’re in the market for Medicare plans in Michigan, you may be curious about your options and how to choose the right plan.

This guide to Medicare plans in Michigan is intended to help you get started.

Medicare in Michigan: Details

For the 2022 budget year, CMS reported the following Medicare coverage trends in Michigan:

  • There were 2,124,444 Medicare recipients in Michigan.
  • The typical monthly premium for Medicare Advantage in Michigan dropped from $35.13 in 2021 to $28.74 in 2022.
  • In 2022, Michigan residents can choose from 191 different Medicare Advantage plans, up from 167 the year before.
  • Medicare recipients living in Michigan can choose from various Medicare Advantage plans, including some that offer yearly premiums of $0.
  • In 2022, the state of Michigan will offer an increased selection of 30 separate Medicare Part D plans, up from the previous year’s total of 29.
  • Individuals living in Michigan who are enrolled in Medicare Part D can now select a plan with a cheaper monthly cost than they would have been charged in 2021.
  • In the year 2022, Michigan residents can choose from 12 unique Medigap policies.

Best Medicare Plans in Michigan

Whether native-born Americans or lawful permanent residents, Medicare-eligible Michigans have a few different plans from which to choose. If you’re under 65 and on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) because of a chronic illness like ESRD or ALS, or if you’ve been disabled for at least 24 months, you may qualify.

Let’s have a look at the perfect Medicare Plans in Michigan.

Original Medicare: Part A and B comprise original Medicare coverage. Medicare Part A. Part B pays for regular doctor visits, urgent care, outpatient lab work, diagnostic imaging, wellness checkups, prescription drugs, hospital, home health, hospice, and skilled nursing facility care. This type of insurance may also cover some medications that cannot be used at home.

Medicare Advantage: Medicare Advantage is a private insurance company-offered alternative to traditional Medicare. In addition to covering your prescriptions, certain plans may also pay for your gym membership, dental care, vision care, hearing aids, and even transportation to and from medical visits, providing you with greater protection than Original Medicare.

Medigap: Private insurance companies offer plans that supplement Original Medicare (Medigap) and adhere to industry standards. You can choose from many Medigap plans if you live in Michigan and need extra health insurance on top of Medicare.

Medicare Part D: Part D is supplemental insurance for Medicare beneficiaries with Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage. Despite Medicare’s oversight, commercial insurance companies offer these plans to their clients.

Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Michigan 2022

Wondering what is the standard Medicare advantage plan in Michigan? Let’s find out!

Those who want supplemental coverage beyond what is provided by Original Medicare have Medicare Advantage as an alternative. These plans, also known as Part C, supplement Original Medicare by covering expenses like prescription drugs, hearing aids, dental care, and glasses.

In 2021, about half (49.6%) of Medicare recipients in Michigan were members of a Medicare Advantage program. To ensure all Medicare recipients in Michigan have access to one of the 191 Medicare Advantage plans available in Michigan in 2022, Medicare has created a plan matching each individual’s needs.

However, the specific Medicare Advantage plans that are accessible to you as an individual will vary from county to county. Residents of smaller counties like Delta and Gogebic in Michigan have fewer options for Medicare Advantage plans in 2022, with only 18. Residents of Livingston County have access to 71 programs.

Your monthly Medicare Advantage premium will depend on many things, such as where you live, the type of coverage you choose, and other things. The typical monthly premium for Medicare Part C in Michigan in 2022 is $28.74. Furthermore, all Medicare recipients in the state can select from at least one plan with a $0 monthly premium.

A licensed insurance professional is your perfect resource when determining which Medicare Advantage plan would meet your needs. NewMedicare is here to assist you in making the most beneficial Medicare decisions at no additional cost to you. Please get in touch right away for no-cost Medicare guidance.

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Best Medicare Supplement Plans In Michigan 2022

Medicare supplement plans in Michigan for 2022 vary in price and are significantly more expensive for older individuals. Insurance premiums are $208 for a 75-year-old policyholder, compared to $113 for a 65-year-old.

Under federal law, states are not obligated to offer Medicare Supplement (Medigap) insurance to those under the age of 65 who are disabled. Some states’ Medigap insurance providers may refuse to sell you coverage if you apply for Medicare before you reach 65.

Some Insurance companies do sell Medicare supplement plans for the disabled under 65 in Michigan.  Not all states may provide the entire selection of Medicare Supplement insurance policies.

In Michigan, you must be eligible for Medicare to buy a Medicare Supplement plan. Plans F, G, and N, three of the ten available, are the most well-liked since they provide the most comprehensive protection.

Plan F has an average annual cost of $245.61, while Plan G averages $115.10. Pre-2020 Medicare enrollees are the only ones who can purchase these policies. The average price of Plan N, the second most common type, is $115.80 per year. Except for the Part B deductible and coinsurance, this plan is identical to F and G.

The standard Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan can be found by using NewMedicare’s comprehensive ratings of all Medicare Supplement insurance providers in the state. Learn how to locate the right Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan if you are interested in learning more about alternative plan options.

Best Medicare Plan G in Michigan

If you’re looking for Medigap Plan G in Michigan, go no further than Priority Health. Priority Health insurance plans typically cost $127.19 monthly.

Companies that do not offer online quotations are excluded from NewMedicare’s methodology. There may be more affordable Medicare Supplement plan options in Michigan, but getting a price from such companies will require picking up the phone.

The Cost of Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan G in Michigan

The typical monthly premium for Medicare Supplement Plan G in Michigan is $153.9. Rates may be more or lower based on your age, the insurance provider you select, and any applicable discounts.

In Michigan, for instance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Plan G is the least expensive option at $101.60 per month. Compare that to UnitedHealthcare, the most expensive provider in Michigan, and you’ll see savings of about $28.50 each month.

What is the cost of Medicare in Michigan?

Original Medicare: Monthly premiums for Medicare Part A can be anywhere from $0 to $499. Medicare Part A’s hospital deductible for each benefit period amounts to $1,556. The typical monthly premium for Medicare Part B is $170.10. Part B has a $233 deductible.

Medicare Advantage Plans: In 2022, a Medicare Advantage Plan in Michigan will cost an average of $28.74 per month. There are plans with no initial cost.

Part D Plans: The  monthly premium for a Medicare Part D plan is $7.50.

Medigap Plans: Medicare Supplement Plan G costs between $110 and $337 a month for a 65-year-old nonsmoking female in Lansing.

Medicare in Michigan: By Numbers

Original Medicare beneficiaries

Average plan cost Michigan’s annual spending on each recipient

Spending per recipient compared to the average for the country

2,124,444 Part A: $0 to $499 per month*

Part B: $170.10 **


2% more

Bottom Line

In 2022, almost 2.1 million Michiganders were enrolled in Medicare. In Michigan, Medicare supplement and Advantage plans are offered by many private insurance providers. Michigan Medicare Advantage premiums for 2022 are down overall from what they were in 2018.

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