You might be wondering, why spend on Medicare when you’re healthy and fit? It may seem costly to spend plenty of dollars each month on something you won’t even use frequently. Maybe you can substitute that cost for something better, such as a subscription or food. Little do you know that you’ll need Medicare coverage more than anything when the time arrives. Medicare can promise you thorough coverage for various services at a low premium. But very few people know about what they are getting from Medicare. Are you also unaware of the value? The following is a general breakdown of Medicare Part B premium 2021 and related coverages.

Medicare in a Nutshell

Generally, there are three parts in a Medicare health plan, including Part A, B, and D. In most cases, part A has no fees. You have to pay a standard premium for Part B, and D. Part D is drug prescription plans with varying costs. These costs tend to change each year after accounting for inflation. 

The Part B premium for 2021 is around $148.50. However, it can increase with your income. If your reported income is in a different bracket, you might have to pay more. The following are the Medicare Part B premium for 2021 for different income limits: 

  • If your income is $88,000 or less, you will have to pay the standard amount of $148.50.
  • Individuals earning between $88000 and $111,000 will have to pay a premium of $207.90.
  • If the income is between $111,000 and $138,000, the premium will be $297.
  • If it’s between $138,000 to $165,000, the premium will be $386.10.
  • Income between $165,000 and $500,000 will have to pay $475.20.
  • Individuals earning more than $500,000 will pay a premium of $504.90.

Medicare Part B Deductible

For 2021, your part B deductible will be around $203. Your deductible will count towards the following cost:

  • Doctor services
  • Durable medical equipment 
  • Outpatient therapy

Once you meet the deductible for Part B, you’ll have to pay 20% of the cost for these services. 80% will be covered by Medicare, while you will pay the rest amount. Now that you’re aware of Medicare part B’s total cost and deductibles, it’s time to know what it offers.

Coverage of Medicare Part B Premium 2021

Part B of your Medicare covers preventive services and medically necessary services. These are services that can prevent your illness and the devices that will diagnose the disease. Part B holistically covers the following services:

  • Ambulance services
  • Inpatient and outpatient therapy healthcare
  • Limited drugs
  • Research and Ambulance services

Reimbursement of Medicare Part B Premium 2021

If you’re retired or are a state beneficiary, you can even get Medicare part B coverage reimbursement. Anyone who has a part B premium health plan can apply for a reimbursement program. If you have a sick leave balance, you are also eligible for Medicare Part B premium reimbursement.

If your premium is higher than the standard premium, you are eligible for a reimbursement claim. Similarly, you might have to pay for medical services which are not covered under your plan. In these cases, you can apply for reimbursement and successfully get it. You’ll only need your social security letter and Medicare billing information to apply for the reimbursement. 

Final Comments!

Among several Medicare parts, Part B of Medicare is the most important because it covers essential services. For the same reason, the premium for Medicare part B is also the highest. Nevertheless, do you want to save yourself from trouble and avoid procrastinating matters to the end? New Medicare is your go-to solution. 

You can find plans according to your income and requirements. Get going and find a suitable plan.