No one can be a master at every earthly thing and field. Therefore, there is an innate need for instructions and guidance in every department. Similarly, when you first sign up for Medicare, you’re completely unaware of Medicare’s processes, plans, enrollment, and basic principles. For this reason, you get a handbook, i.e., Medicare and you.

Just like you need an instructional manual for any new thing you purchase, you get a handbook-like instruction manual when you sign-up for Medicare. This consists of all the necessary guidance and information you need to know about it. Each year, the CMS issues a new version.

Let’s unfold the basic tenets and content of Medicare and You.

What Does “Medicare and You” 2021 Contain?

The guide and the short handbook are about 120 pages long. Some people who don’t like to read such content might just flip the handbook in their cupboard. However, it’s imperative to get hands-on learning and insight about this handbook. We’ll debrief it for you, and the following summary highlights what you can expect from it.

Updates for the Year

Each year, there are plenty of healthcare services offerings and new benefits for the beneficiaries. For example, since the COVID-19 advent, Medicare has increased its service offerings which cover COVID-related healthcare. Similarly, they are increasing services regarding therapies and telehealth.


There are about two periods annually during which you can sign-up for Medicare—surprised, right? Many people are unaware of the Medicare enrollment dates. Primarily, there are two enrollment periods. The main annual enrollment period starts during the fall and lasts for 2-3 months.

During the spring, there is another advantage enrollment period where you can make changes to your Medicare advantage (Type C) plans only ONCE.


There is a wide range of services that Medicare covers. Your handbook will cover all of these services thoroughly.


As a general rule, there are four parts of Medicare. Your handbook will cover each of them and highlight their differences. Moreover, the handbook will discuss the annual new costs for each plan, premiums, and deductibles.

Financial Assistance

There are several cost-savings programs and several other resources for people who need financial assistance with the Medicare cost.


Finally, there is a section of glossary which covers the basic terms in the handbook.

Where do we get the Handbook?

Once you sign-up with this, you’ll get your Handbook for that year. Generally, you will get it in October of each year. Also, you have the autonomy to select the format to get your handbook copy. You can either get it electronically by email or in a hardcopy format. If you don’t receive your copy, you can call the general helpline and request one.

Final Comments

At the most basic, Medicare appears to be a form of health insurance. However, it transcends the basic definition of health insurance, and it can act as a lifesaver for you. However, many people tend to underestimate the value of it. For this, a holistic Medicare and You handbook will help you understand its value.

You may view it as an additional burden, but once a calamity strikes you, you’ll resort to a plan in no time. Besides, there are many ways you can utilize your Medicare, including screenings, shots, preventive, and wellness services.

The initial enrollment period is around the corner. If you’re turning 65, it might be a great chance to avail yourself of these services. To learn more about the Medicare plans, you can check NewMedicare.