Medicare is a nationwide program that supports more than 44 million people yearly. With more than 25.000 Medicare users in 48 states, Medicare continuously addresses our enrollees’ Medicare complaints. Our customer support team tackles any routine issues, and clients are consistently happy with five stars ratings every season.

Let us see some of the most frequently registered concerns around Medicare and how NewMedicare helps fix them.

Complaint No.1: Why Does My Physician Ask Me to Pay My Deductible Part B Again?

Doctor’s offices in Medicare are always not as active as you might anticipate. They know that Medicare Part B provides a yearly deductible charged out of pocket by patients.

On the same day as your visit, the authority asks you to pay the deductible. Next week you will get an invoice from your doctor’s clinic stating that you still owe your Part B deductible.

NewMedicare Can Help: Medicare had no way of knowing you already paid your deductible to the doctor. The doctor’s office must submit your claim to Medicare first. Medicare will process the request without recording that you have met your deductible. 

It would be better if you asked your doctor to refund the deductible to you since Medicare applied it to a different claim. The client then uses that money to pay the deductibles to the correct provider. The bill was $198 (2020 Part B deductible) dollars.

Complaint No.2: I Have a Higher Premium for Part B, but I Do Not Currently Make as Much as I Utilized Once.

Medicare determines your monthly Part B and Part D payments based on your two-year tax return. By 2018, you can get higher monthly payments if you earn more than $85,000 per year. However, they tend to make below what their former tax returns reflect after Medicare beneficiaries retire. For clients, this significant premium can be challenging.

NewMedicare Can Help: We guide our customers on how to file a reconsideration application. This form is submitted to the Office of Social Security, seeking a decrease in your Part B premium. Social Protection analyses the application along with the relevant attached documents and determines whether to reduce the premium. In this way, many of our subscribers have been effective in reducing their Part B premiums.

Complaint No.3: With My Medicare Advantage Plan, I Received Unplanned Bills.

When you register for Medicare Advantage, you pay copays for benefits as you go along. Your copay maybe $40, but then the doctor will direct you to blood work. Then you get charged with the lab’s other copay. 

This makes it challenging to estimate out-of-pocket payments for Medicare Advantage. They are always more than you have initially expected.

NewMedicare Can Help: If there is more than one Medicare service, a visit can charge you numerous copays and/or coinsurance.

 We will help you explore other plans in your region for the Medicare Advantage plan and figure out how we can save you.

Complaint No.4: My Medication Copay Medication Is Higher Than Expected.

You get to take up the medicines at the pharmacy, and they say you owe a little more than you expected. The price of the drugs is often right, and sometimes it is incorrect.

NewMedicare Can Help: We evaluate whether you have to pay this price or not. One factor why the price may be higher than you expected is that it is a higher-tiered drug. We will help you contact the doctor to make a tier reduction appeal to your plan’s carrier.

Complaint No.5: Medicare Is Not Paying for My DME Through My Source.

The clients, especially new clients, may not realize that a Medicare-approved provider might be essential for using reliable healthcare tools.

Medicare can only compensate DME if you use the authorized provider.

NewMedicare Can Help: The way we address this problem is often conditional on the contract a client has for Medicare. For example, we would approach the client with a Medicare Advantage plan to locate a contracted supplier allowed by the program.

Let Our Experts Address Your Concerns

Ultimately, Medicare is almost like the other insurance provider in the context of unexpected billing conflicts. It is even more essential to have a supporter such as NewMedicare by your side as consumers have these Medicare issues.