Open Enrollment for 2022 health insurance coverage ends Wednesday, December 15, 2021. Before you register, you can get an idea about total health care expenses by answering some quick questions. The results might surprise you.

Three easy steps to check if you’ll save on 2022 Marketplace coverage

It is crucial to ensure that your income is in range to save money by notifying your Marketplace insurance company:

i) The number of individuals in your household, even if they don’t need health insurance coverage

ii) Your state

iii) Your 2022 house income estimate

Note: It is just an estimate of your earnings that can help determine your price range—so you can get the best health insurance that meets your family’s needs.

Get Started and Apply for Online Enrollment

  • If you’re new to Marketplace health insurance coverages? Visit your insurer’s company website, enter your email and sign up for the very first time.
  • Already have 2021 Marketplace coverage? Contact your independent online Marketplace agents and compare plans for 2022.