According to the research of USAging, about 600,000 older adults stop driving each year. This report is of grave concern, making it challenging to be on time for their doctor’s appointments. It can become harder for our ill loved ones to move into society independently, falling them into the darkness of isolation and loneliness. 

Public transit for older adults is limited, creating a barrier for them to go for their basic errands. It is impossible to compromise on medical appointments. To be at the doctor’s clinic on time is becoming difficult for older adults of society. However, some escorted transportation aged is getting into the trend to assist seniors in dealing with this hurdle. 

Is the question popping in your head where can I find transportation for older adults to medical appointments near me? Don’t worry; read the details below; you will find the answer to your question. 

Medicare covers transportation services for older adults: 

Medicare, a federal government insurance program, covers the health expenses of a person. Original Medicare consists of parts (part A and part B) that include free medical emergency transportation via ambulance. Non-emergency medical transportation is out of coverage in this insurance. Nonetheless, it applies in a few cases.

Medicare has contracts with private health insurance companies that offer extra benefits. These plans provide Medicare-like benefits. Mostly this convenience is for the time of emergency medical need. They provide transportation to the doctor’s appointment and back to your place. You can have this insurance to not worry about seniors’ transportation to a medical appointment near me. 

Medicaid, health insurance:

Hiring transportation for a doctor’s appointment is a big no for lower-income people. To assist them, there is an insurance program known as Medicaid, a combined federal and state program for people standing below the poverty line. 

Similar to Medicare, Medicaid offers emergency medical transportation services anytime. Moreover, it also covers non-emergency transportation for doctor appointments. In 2015, more than 59 million patients availed of these services. However, there are some requirements you need to cover for this. You may vary with the type of transport and sharing the transport with other patients. 

Program of all-inclusive care for the elderly (PACE): 

PACE is another program that aims to take care of senior citizens, providing them with basic facilities for which they depend on others. This program is run collectively by Medicare and Medicaid to make the lives of older adults less challenging than ever before. All the professionals working for PACE coordinate to provide you with love and care. To be eligible for PACE, you need to fall into the following categories: 

  • You must have Medicare, Medicaid, or both. 
  • Your age should be over 55 years. 
  • You must be a resident of the area covered by PACE. 
  • You must be in a condition where you need care from the nursing room. 
  • With PACE’s help, you must be able to live safely.

After getting the PACE, you will not have to worry about transportation for older adults to a medical appointment near me. This program offers transportation services to the PACE center and doctor’s appointments within the community. Moreover, you don’t have any copay for PACE services. 

Commercial options for older adults’ transportation: 

According to the 2021 National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC) survey, more than 40% of adults and disabled people count on their families and friends for rides. More than three-quarters of the caregivers are employed to offer transportation services for such individuals. Some commercial options for elderly transportation can also fulfill these needs: 

  • Uber Health: Uber Health is a platform that offers transportation services to elderly to their doctor’s appointments. 
  • GoGoGrandparent: This service demands a monthly subscription fee and helps senior citizens to book a ride for any task. 


Does Medi-Cal have transportation? 

Medi-Cal offers transportation services to and from doctor’s appointments. They provide transportation for mental health, dental, and medical appointments. Moreover, to pick up the prescription and medical supplies, you can hire them. Medi-Cal makes you relax if you are worried about transportation for older adults to medical appointments near me. 

Why is transportation a problem for older adults? 

Elderly people quit driving and rely on their family members for rides to do their chores. Moreover, limited access to public transport makes them use senior transportation services, especially for doctor’s appointments. 


To sum up the conversation, many facilities offer free rides for older adults to doctor’s appointments. Other than the federal government, private companies are also offering the best facilities to ease the lives of adults. Depending on the service and cost, you can get any of them that suit you. 

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