The perfect time to get yourself enrolled in Medicare is the moment you turn 65. The eligibility period for registering a person in Medicare starts when he/she turns 65. However, some people already have health coverage because of their spouse’s employer plan. So, Should you get Medicare when your spouse has insurance? In this case, enrolling in Medicare after turning 65 won’t be necessary. 

Should You Get Medicare When Your Spouse Has Insurance?

There are other ways you can opt for Medicare. Here are the few things you should do if you have coverage from your spouse’s health care plan:

  1. You can register yourself in Medicare once you have aged 65.
  2. You can register in Medicare part A only when turning 65.
  3. Lastly, it would be better to get in touch with the division that deals with your health care plans.
  4. You also have the option of postponing your Medicare coverage until you have your spouse’s health care coverage. Furthermore, you will have to understand how you can adjust your existing coverage with Medicare coverage.

Medicare Enrollment Process After Turning 65:

If you are looking forward to enrolling yourself in Medicare as soon as you turn 65, you can get coverage from Medicare Part a, Part B, Part D, and Medicare Advantage plan, which is Part C. Moreover, to avoid any extra costs, get in touch with your plan provider to get information about the Medicare supplement insurance plan.

Getting a Medicare supplement insurance plan included in your Medicare part A and B will lessen the extra costs. Your enrollment period starts about three months before you turn 65 and ends three months after you have turned 65. This period is generally known as the initial enrollment period. It’s better to enrol during this period because enrolling later comes with penalties.

Medicare Part A Enrollment Process After Turning 65:

As mentioned above, if you keep delaying your enrollment period, you will get charged with penalties when you enrol in Part B or Part D later. Therefore, holding up enrollment is a good idea only if you have creditable coverage.

People having coverage from their spouse’s plan often delay their coverage until their spouse’s health care plan reaches its end. Some people enrol themselves in Medicare part A because you don’t have to pay a premium as Part A doesn’t have it.

Penalties of Medicare if You Delay Your Enrollment:

Many people don’t enrol in Medicare as soon as they turn 65, but they don’t get charged with penalties either if they have kept all of the rules of Medicare in mind. Therefore, enrolling isn’t essential if you can’t afford it at the moment or if you have your spouse’s coverage. Here are the few steps you should keep in mind if you don’t want to get charged with penalties for enrolling late:

Steps to Avoid Medicare Penalties:

  1. One must have enough creditable coverage to delay their enrollment period without having to face penalties.
  2. You must have prescription drug coverage that is creditable in Medicare’s policies.
  3. You should have evidence that your prescription drug coverage is creditable.

When to Enrol After Delaying Medicare?

People who have held-up their coverage because they already had coverage from their spouse’s plan can enrol when their special enrollment period starts. The Special Enrollment Period begins when your spouse’s coverage finishes.

In your special enrollment period, you will be free to decide if you want to enrol in Part A, B, and D. Furthermore, you can also enrol in the Medicare Advantage plan in this period. Registering during this period will keep you safe from having to pay penalties.

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