Whether you’re just starting to look for Medicare plans in Oregon or are looking to make a change to your current coverage, it’s vital to know what you have available to you. About half a million Oregon residents are covered by Medicare, the federal health insurance program. Medicare eligibility requirements include age 65 or older or a significant disability.

If you have received at least 24 payments due to your disability from either Railroad Retirement Board (RRB), or Social Security, you may be eligible for disability benefits. Patients diagnosed with ALS or ESRD are eligible to participate in Medicare Advantage Plans (ALS).

Medicare Part A is typically provided without a fee, but starting in 2022, the cost to enroll in the program may rise to $499 per month for those who do not qualify for premium-free coverage. $170.10 is the regular monthly premium for Medicare Part B. But people with more money may have to pay more. Compared to Original Medicare, the 78 Medicare Advantage Plans available in the state constitute a significant improvement. Read on the various Medicare plans available in Oregon, enrollment periods, and more.

Medicare in Oregon: Details

Trends in Medicare coverage in Oregon for the 2022 fiscal year, as reported by the CMS:

  • The state of Oregon has 899,748 Medicare beneficiaries.
  • The average monthly premium for Medicare Advantage plans in Oregon dropped from $43.58 in 2021 to $39.77 in 2022.
  • In Oregon, residents can choose from 132 Medicare Advantage plans in 2022, up from 128 the previous year.
  • Medicare recipients in Oregon may select from a range of Medicare Advantage plans, including those with zero monthly premiums.
  • In Oregon, you can choose from 12 unique Medigap plans in 2022.

Medicare Plans in Oregon 2022

Medicare in Oregon covers in-patient and out-of-hospital care if deemed necessary. Original Medicare Parts A and B are available to everyone in the country after age 65 or meeting other health-related requirements. Prescription drug plans are just one of Medicare’s supplementary offerings; their availability and cost may vary by state and zip code.

Original Medicare Coverage

Users of Medicare don’t have to sign up for Medicare Part A and B if their health only necessitates one, and many people end up enrolling in just one.

About 470,000 Oregon residents are enrolled in Medicare’s basic program, Part A. There were about 400,000 people who became eligible because of their age, and another 70,000 who qualified because of a disability.

On the other side, close to 400,000 people are enrolled in Part B. Almost 340,000 qualified for Part B due to retirement age, and another 60,000 received it due to disability.

Original Medicare Plans Oregon

Let’s have a look at Original Medicare plans in Oregon.

  • Almost 400,000 Oregonians have both Part A and Part B of Original Medicare.
  • Approximately 340,000 qualified for Medicare due to reaching retirement age, and another 60,000 qualified due to a medical handicap, for a total of 400,000.
  • Oregon is home to almost 411,000 Medicare Advantage enrollees.
  • With approximately 622,000 enrollees, Oregon’s Medicare Part D program is the state’s largest health insurance program.
  • Each year, Oregon’s average Part D recipient goes to the pharmacy 50 times to have their prescriptions filled.

Medicare Part D Plans in Oregon

Oregonians on Medicare can obtain coverage for their prescription drugs through Medicare Part D. Part D plans are available on their own or as part of Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MA-PD) plans. Also, when you enroll in an MA-PD plan, Medicare Parts A, B, and D are rolled into one convenient package.

Private insurance firms in Oregon that have contracted with Medicare offer all available Part D plans.

In Oregon, there are just two guidelines for joining Medicare Part D:

  • Possess Medicare Parts A and/or B and be enrolled to use them
  • Complete all necessary steps outlined by your plan (usually only that you be in the service area)

You are eligible for Medicare Part D if you meet these criteria.

Medicare Part D plans in Oregon: A Comparison.

Choosing an insurance provider is similar, even though costs and available coverage will differ.

A plan’s drug formulary, a ranked list of covered medications, should be your first stop when selecting. Medications on the higher formulary levels will cost more, so it’s important to check the list before filling prescriptions.

Copays are an additional expense that must be factored in when calculating your monthly premium and deductible. There could be savings in one area that are offset by higher prices in another.

Check into Medicare’s Extra Help program, which can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for Part D drugs if money is tight.

Affordable Medicare Advantage Plans in Oregon

You’ll save money with a Medicare advantage plan on out-of-pocket medical expenses. In the United States, Medicare provides medical insurance to people over 65. You should start planning your 2022 health insurance now if you’re 65 or older. Let’s overview the Medicare benefit plans described before we investigate our options for the year 2022.

Private health insurance carriers assist older adults in the United States. Medicare Advantage plans provide the most cost-effective protection against the high expenses of healthcare and prescription drugs for older adults. Common Medicare Advantage programs include the following five categories:

  • Preferred provider organization (PPO)
  • Medical Savings Account (MSA)
  • Special Needs Plans (SNPs)
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
  • Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS)
  • Medical Savings Account (MSA)

Compare Affordable Oregon Advantage Plans for 2022

You should compare Medicare Advantage plans before deciding on one. Listed below are some of Oregon’s more common benefits packages.

  • HumanaChoice: HumanaChoice is a type of PPO plan. The program includes supplemental coverage for Medicare Part D prescription drugs. The maximum yearly premium is $6,700, and the maximum annual out-of-pocket expense is $6,700 for covered services received at participating providers.
  • Moda Health Central: This is the Moda Health Plan’s major hub for its Medicare Advantage plans. The highest amount you’ll have to pay monthly is $6000, and the premium is $100.
  • Samaritan Advantage Premier Plan: You can enroll in the Samaritan Advantage Premier Plan for $35 per month and spend no more than $4,600 in medical expenses yearly. The Samaritan Advantage Premier Plan Plus premium is $129 per month, and the maximum out-of-pocket expense is $4,600.
  • AAR Medicare Advantage Plan 1: AAR As for the out-of-pocket maximum, it’s $2,900 with Medicare Advantage Plan 1. The monthly fee is $55.

Before deciding on a certain Oregon Advantage Plan for 2022, it is important to research and evaluate the many options.

Medicare Supplement Plans in Oregon Under 65

Medicare coverage for persons under 65 who qualify due to disability is available in Oregon through a Medicare Supplement policy. Under Oregon law, insurance companies must provide Medicare recipients under age 65 with at least one Medigap plan option. You have six months from the time you enroll in Medicare Part B if you are handicapped to choose a Medigap plan.

Beneficiaries under the age of 65 may discover that the premiums for Medicare Supplement plans are too high for those on disability and that a Medicare Advantage plan is more affordable. To accommodate this, Medicare provides a second Open Enrollment Period beginning the month you turn 65, during which you can choose a Medicare Supplement plan at the usual pricing. This guarantees that all Medicare beneficiaries are given the same access to Medicare Supplement insurance.

What is the cost of Medicare in Oregon?

  • The Original Medicare: Monthly Part A rates can range from $0 to $499. The Medicare Part A hospital deductible for each benefit period is $1,556. Most individuals pay the normal monthly cost of $170.10 for Medicare Part B. The Part B deductible is $233.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans:  In 2022, a typical Medicare Advantage Plan in Oregon will cost you $39.77 per month. The first payment for some plans is nothing.
  • Part D plans: The cheapest Medicare Part D plan has a monthly payment of $7.70.
  • Medigap plans: The price range for Plan G for a 65-year-old Salem, Oregon, nonsmoking female is $121.

Medicare in Oregon: By Numbers

Original Medicare beneficiaries Average plan cost Oregon’s  annual spending on each recipient Spending per recipient compared to the average for the country
468,821 Part A: $0 to $499 per month*


Part B: $170.10 **


23% less

Bottom Line

To summarize, almost 900,000 people in Oregon are signed up for Medicare. Across the state, numerous private insurance providers supply Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage options. Oregon Medicare Advantage premiums for the year 2022 have reduced overall. If you are a resident of Oregon and need supplemental medical insurance, you can choose from many Medigap plans.

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