58.6 million people are enrolled in Medicare Plan in New York Parts A and B in 2022. The healthcare industry is growing tremendously because people are realizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The world has gone through an epidemic of COVID-19. The infection rate is increasing every day, and we don’t know how long it will take to completely eradicate this virus. Moreover, many people have died due to this pandemic. Hence, we need to get prepared for the next outbreak as soon as possible. Healthcare is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s crucial that everyone, especially people above 65 have access to a healthcare plan. In this article, we’ll learn all about Medicare Plans in New York.

Understanding Medicare Plans in New York:

  • Medicare drug coverage – Part D
  • Part A and Part B Medicare
  • Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans in New York

Medicare remains a vital source of coverage and protection for New Yorkers, with 3.7 million residents enrolled in the program. That’s 47 percent of all Medicare beneficiaries nationwide. Medicare Advantage is prevalent in the state, and Medigap plans are among the strongest consumer protections in the nation. In 2022, New York residents will be able to choose from 19 stand-alone Part D prescription drug plans. Plans range from $7 to $101 per month in 2020, and premiums are expected to remain stable over time.

Who Qualifies for Medicare Plan D in New York?

Medicare Part D plans vary, and you can change to a different plan during the annual enrollment period. If you are taking many medications, it’s important to review your plan every year. Your needs may have changed throughout the year. You could be taking different medications or have a different financial situation.

Who can join a Medicare Advantage Plan in New York?

If you are eligible for Medicare and want to join a Medicare Advantage Plan in New York, the first step is to understand what coverage is available. If you live in the service area of a Medicare Advantage Plan, you can join even if you have a pre-existing condition. To join a plan, you must:

  1. Be eligible for Medicare Part A and Part B;
  2. Be a U.S citizen or lawfully present in the U.S.;
  3. Live in NY (this includes NY City and Long Island).

How does New York Medicare enrollment work?

If you get Medicare, your Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) monthly benefits will be automatically credited to your Medicare coverage. Each year, you will get a notice that explains how the money has been applied to your plan.

In order for you to understand how the enrollment periods work, we have provided a detailed description on enrollments. The following are the enrollments: Initial enrollment, General enrollment and Medicare Advantage open enrollment. We also describe SEPs, which may apply if you lose coverage or have changes in your eligibility outside the regular enrollment periods.

Best 2022 New York  Medicare Advance Plan Tips Before enrolling .

Before you enroll in a Medicare plan, it’s important to take your time and learn about all of the different types of plans available.  Here are some tips for you to enroll in 2022:

  1. Start early: Early preparation is a key step to success. Procrastination is damaging and causes you to miss opportunities, so it’s right to start early and get things done ahead of time. Make sure you plan as well.
  2. Study each Medicare plan: study each plan as much as you c
  3. an to understand every term and condition they might have.
  4. Find someone that can help you research: If you have a trusted family member or friend, consider asking assistance with performing your research. If he or she works in the medical field, they may have valuable insight on Medicare and health insurance issues.
  5. Call Social Security for any Medicare questions.

Medicare Plans in New York

Best 2022 Medicare Advantage Plus Plans in New York

Your Medicare Advantage Plans are tailored to you. Depending on where you live and your needs, you can choose from a range of health plan options and benefits designed to cover all of your medical costs. From prescription drug coverage to dental and vision plans, Medicare Advantage Plans – also known as Part C – provide a wide range of benefits that meet your needs.

The New York Medicare Advantage Program is made up of four types of plans:

  • Health maintenance organization (HMO):plans offer lower co-pays, as well as an annual out-of-pocket maximum. Most HMO plans include prescription drug coverage.
  • Preferred provider organization (PPO): Your PPO plan has a network of doctors, hospitals and facilities where your care will cost less. You usually do not need a primary care doctor to get referrals to see specialists or receive treatment. Most PPO plans include prescription drug coverage.
  • Private fee-for-service (PFFS):plans allow you to use any Medicare-approved provider, but most PFFS plans have networks of providers where you can receive lower-cost care. In addition, some PFFS plans offer prescription drug coverage at an extra cost.
  • Special needs plans (SNPs): A SNP plan is designed for persons who have a specific disease or condition. The SNP plan offers benefits you need, such as prescription drug coverage, and limits your access to the healthcare providers available in the network.

Best Medicare supplemental Insurance Plans in New York State 

Medicare Advantage Insurance Company & Medicare Ratings

AETNA⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

CIGNA⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐



We offer coverage through many of the top-rated insurance companies such as UnitedHealthcare, Well Care, Aetna, and many more! Our goal is to find you the right plan to fit you.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare supplements are standardized plans sold by private insurance companies. These plans are designed to pick up costs where Original Medicare leaves off in coverage. Medicare supplements will only pay for approved Medicare charges.

There are 10 plans available in New York designated by different letters of the alphabet (A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N). These plans cover the same number of benefits as Original Medicare but are standardized across all carriers. Please refer to your healthcare provider for more information about coverage and cost-sharing. Medigap is a good fit if you utilize benefits frequently.

  • F Plan: is one of the most popular Medicare health plans. It includes the following features: -Skilled nursing facility -Part A deductible -Part B deductible -Part B excess charges -Foreign travel emergency
  • G Plan: covers skilled nursing facilities, paying for your Part B deductible and some excess charges. It also includes coverage for fees incurred outside the United States in an emergency.
  • N Plan: includes a Skilled nursing facility benefit and has a Medicare Part A deductible. Foreign travel emergency is also included, which includes out-of-pocket expenses for urgent overseas medical care.

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