Some clients get penalties without even knowing due to Medicare late enrollment. Usually, clients forget to enrol during the initial enrollment period. Sometimes clients intentionally delay their enrollment in getting any special enrollment period because they are still working at 65 age but fail to achieve any further incentives.  An individual could face Medicare late enrollment penalties for Part A, Part B, and Part D; it is crucial to know how to bypass these penalties. First, let us look at which parts of Medicare can cost you late enrollment penalties.

Parts of Medicare, Which Can Cost You Late Enrollment Penalties

Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part D can cost you late enrollment penalties if you delay your premium submission. If you are late to register and fail to get a Special Enrollment Period, you could pay premiums based on what kind of coverage you select and when you register it. We have given below brief information regarding penalties for delaying the submission of your premium.

Medicare Part A Premium Penalty

  • The penalty is 10 percent if you have to pay a premium.
  • You have to pay twice the time of year you delay enrollment.

Medicare Part B Premium Penalty

For the delay of the 12 months for enrollment, the penalty for Part B is 10%.

  • You have to pay the penalty monthly for as long as you have Part B in most cases.
  • If you are under 65 years old and disabled, the penalty will stop after you hit 65, as you will have another initial enrolment period depending on your age.

Medicare Part D Premium Penalty

  • The monthly penalty you delay enrollment is 1 percent of the total part D premium.
  • You pay the penalty as long as you register for Part D.

Tips To Prevent From Late Enrollment Penalties

  • To prevent Medicare’s late-enrollment penalties, you need to do your utmost. Here is a bunch of tips.
  • Be sure you register during your initial enrollment when you finally eligible. If you certify for a Special Enrollment Period, Ensure your employer coverage considers creditable for both Parts B and D.
  • Get documented coverage to provide evidence of getting drug coverage by prescription.
  • Make sure you sign up for Part D within the first two months of the special enrollment period.

You can know more about late enrollment penalties through our customer care service. However, you should contact us at NewMedicare personally if you are uncertain whether you need to enrol promptly after you turn 65 or if you can postpone.