Undoubtedly, it is not a cakewalk to find certified and experienced Dentists for seniors. In dental offices, most aged patients visit dentists frequently to maintain their oral health. According to the report of 2016, 65% of people who enrolled for Medicare did not receive dental health coverage. 19% of those get dental services by paying an extra $1,000.

It is seen that most older adults citizens need to look for separate dental insurance as it is not included in Medicare Original. It consists of two parts: part A & B. (hospital insurance, and medical insurance), not covering routine dental services like a filling, crowns, and cleaning.

If you are availing of Original Medicare and want to add dental services to insurance, you can enroll for the services of the Medicare Advantage Plan, also known as Part C. It is the first-rate recourse that can keep you smiling brightly. If you are searching for dentists for older adults near me, we have got you to the right place.

United Healthcare: 

United Healthcare, a dentist for seniors on Medicare, is a top-notch platform that provides dental insurance. It offers premium and flexible plans to fulfill the need of dentists for older adults. In 2021, over 27% of all dental insurance was covered by United Healthcare on Medicare.

Depending on the needs and location, pricing for this lies between 0$ and 100$ per month. In addition, they also offer the additional services of the AARP program.


Humana is the top pick, offering vital online services with its most okay mobile app that lets you book your medications on time. They provide helpful online tools and reward the patient for their healthy action. Moreover, they fall on the list of affordable dentists for older adults.

Their plan also offers extra options for dental services in some areas. Moreover, they offer SilverSneakers fitness programs for older adults.


Aetna is a dental insurance manifesto that offers its service in all 50 states and is known for its national coverage. No doubt, if you call Aetna the best dentists for older adults near me. They are a team of over 1.2 million dental professionals to provide their services countrywide.

They offer home delivery services of prescribed medications. It also extends the services of the concierge, giving a helping hand in managing expenses, locating providers, and planning for treatments.   


Cigna Medicare’s dental insurance consists of plans that cover different situations. Some plans cover only routine examinations, and others offer coverage for comprehensive medications. It is one of the low-cost dentists for seniors that demand a 0$ copay.

They offer plans like HMO, PFFS, and PPO depending on the allowance to go to the outside provider, charging you extra for services. The maximum price range for this insurance is 1000$ to 2000$ per year.


Does Medicare cover dental? 

In original Medicare, dental is not covered. The best option for dental insurance is to look for Medicare Advantage Plans. It is considered the most common way to get adequate dental coverage under insurance.

How Much Does a Medicare Advantage Plan With Dental Coverage Cost Out-of-Pocket Over the Monthly Premium?

Mostly, they ask for 50$ for copayments for Medicare Advantage Plan. Some insurances ask for yearly payments while others for monthly and vary depending on the services. 

What dental services are Medicare-covered?

Original Medicare does not pay for any dental care. Basic dental treatment, such as checkups, cleanings, fillings, extractions, and dentures, may be covered by some Medicare Advantage plans.

Do older adults on medicare need dental insurance?

Dental coverage is essential, especially for seniors. Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover dental care for older adults over 65 (unless in exceptional circumstances). Dental protection that can aid the elderly should be sought out elsewhere.

Is there dental assistance for older adults with dental problems?

Many dentists participate in discount programs offered by dental societies to help older adults who are on a fixed income but still need regular dental treatment.

Bottom Line: 

Numerous dental health insurances cover that dental medications are not included in Medicare. Many of them offer discount dentists for older adults as it is impossible to compromise the oral health of older adults due to their age. You can avail of any of them that suits you the best.

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