Dermatology is a study of skin and its diseases. As per the American Board of Dermatology (ABDERM) definition, dermatologists are specialists who can treat diseases regarding skin, hair, nail, and adjacent mucosal membranes. If you are looking for Medicare-approved dermatologists near you, here is what you ought to know.

What A Dermatologist Can Do For Me?

Dermatology may help diagnose skin diseases like melanomas, acne, sunburn tumors of the skin, and services for the treatment. According to a fact verified by the Skin Cancer Foundation, more people are getting diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the US than all others combined. Also, you may want to see a dermatologist who recognizes Medicare. If you are concerned about some skin spots on your skin that changes in scale, color, or shape.

Dermatologists can also manage cosmetic skin conditions such as hair loss, skin scars, and aging-related changes, according to ABDERM.

Does Medicare Cover Dermatology?

Medicare Part B (medical insurance) usually provides coverage for clinic appointments when medically necessary to diagnose and treat the problem. For most clinic appointments, you pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for the expense of the appointment if the healthcare provider accepts Medicare assignment.

Another way of getting benefits of Medicare Part A and Part B from a private insurance company is Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage plans charge-varying copayments for primary care providers and consultant visits. For instance, you might have a $0 copayment, but if you schedule a dermatology appointment, you might have a $20 copayment if you have your skin examined by your primary care provider. If you are in a Medicare Advantage Plan structured by a health maintenance organization (HMO), your primary care provider may cover all your services. This means that you may require a reference to get an appointment with a dermatologist.

Medicare only provides limited coverage of skin related treatments, so if you seek out a dermatologist to treat wrinkles, for instance, coverage will not provide for the previous-mentioned treatment.

Dermatologist Near My Location

You can use Medicare’s “Physician Compare” feature to seek a dermatologist near you who recognizes Medicare. To use this feature, type the term “dermatology” and your city and state. Doctors and medical groups will appear on the screen within 15 miles of your spot. This feature may also show statistics on performance, for example, patients’ feedback.

Do you have any concerns regarding Medicare coverage of dermatology? We can help you find choices for a Medicare plan to meet your Medicare requirements.

What Dermatology Services Does Medicare Not Cover?

Medicare provides prescription services for skin-related medical conditions but typically does not cover services for cosmetic purposes.

Examples include wrinkles or acne treatment and other symptoms of aging. However, if a person’s plan mentions them or has a particular skin condition, exceptions can apply.

To ensure that their coverage can cover the expenses, the person will need to receive advance authorization from Medicare or their Medicare Advantage administrator.

For cosmetic purposes, Medicare would not necessarily cover mole removals. If a dermatologist is not concerned that the mole might be cancerous, the insured individual must finance its removal.

Usually, Medicare Part D does not cover prescription drugs that support hair growth or other drugs that people may need for cosmetic purposes.

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